2014 Resolutions

I have a lot of resolution for 2014, including to be a better person and of course to organize my time management to actually do more in this new year. But I guess those points are more personal and will only be mentioned in my own 2014 planner :P

I managed to list out my top 4 resolutions appropriate for the blog, related to beauty, fashion and a little bit of home decor. I had so much more in mind but I guess I will go a little less this year so that I can fully accomplish these resolutions. Here goes my top 4! (just because 3 is too mainstream)

Daily Skincare
Proscrastinating should definitely be erased in 2014, especially when it comes to daily skincare routine. I feel the need to really plan my skincare routine, make a weekly timetable and follow it everyday. The reason to why I feel the need to is because of age, of course.  I need to start maintaining my skin from now as I want it to still be pretty good when I am older. Oh well, the earlier the better right?

Re-organise makeup collection
My make up collection have grown lately and I think really need to re-organise my beauty storage. I need to find ways to store my beauty products so that they are tidily stored but still easily accessed. I have been thinking to purchase a few storage units but I have yet to realise it.

More fashion related posts especially OOTDs
I feel like these days I take time to dress up whenever I go out especially on weekends. I enjoy playing around with my outfits lately, so I've been thinking to take pictures of my OOTDs regularly and post them on the blog. Oh well, we'll see. I still have to catch up with my beauty reviews and posts. Maybe I will start posting on Instagram first. So, don't forget to follow my Instagram @bellaterentia ;)

I have had this sketch of my own walk-in closet for the longest time ever, also plans to re-design my whole bedroom. Also we have been talking to renovate the house and I have had tons of home-decor ideas in my mind, I just need a little extra time to really plan it out and realize them. Hopefully I can realize everything before the end of 2014. Cross my fingers!

What's on your list? 
Share with me, I might get inspired to add a few more to mine :p


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