Bourjois Rouge Aqua Laque in 01 Appêchissant

Life's been pretty hectic these few weeks. I have been in no mood to blog for the past two weeks, no matter how hard I tried to just suck it up and do it. I'm trying my best to throw away all the bad mood and write here. I was thinking to film a new makeup tutorial but nah.. I think I need a break from all these.

I am back today with a review of Bourjois Rouge Aqua Laque, which should have been up sometime last month but oh well.. 

It's a new product from Bourjois and out of 8 shades, I got their number 01 Appêchissant, which is a gorgeous peachy nude shade. I was super excited to get this color because it does look really pretty on the bottle and I always love a nice and natural soft color for the lips.

The formula is great, unlike any lipstick or lipgloss. It gives a super shiny finish, without that oily and sticky feeling. It feels very light, perfect if you are into shiny finish and want something that is not heavy and sticky, especially on hot days. Although, because of the watery and light finish, you might need to retouch every 2 hours. Also, I don't believe with its claim of leaving tint behind, at least not the light/nude colored ones. I have tried all shades on my hand and none leaves any sort of tint when erased after a few minutes of applying so don't expect to see anything on your lips after eating. 

The color coverage was pretty good too. Everything was amazing until I applied this on my dry cracking lips one day. This lipstick is really hard to work with if you have dry lips, resulting in a patchy and uneven finish. I find it really difficult to apply evenly. Not a problem if you are going for a gradient finish, but it would make more sense when you picked a more vibrant color and not this nude one. 

But if your lips is all good and you don't have any issue with dryness and cracks, then I recommend you to try this because it's such a gorgeous lipstick. Especially if you want shiny but not sticky lipstick, for fuller looking lips. 

As much as I want to love this for its gorgeous color, I don't. I still can't leave behind my love for lip tint, and I think I will never be able to. Oh well, if only this leaves behind a tint of color behind..

What do you think? Have you tried this new lip product from Bourjois?


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