SNSD Baby-G Kiss Me Inspired Makeup Tutorial

I am back again with another inspired makeup look! Are you excited? Well, I am excited :p This time, It is SNSD Hyoyeon endorsement for Casio Baby-G Kiss Me campaign. This was actually for a makeup collaboration but it was cancelled. I had done it and did not want it to go to waste :p I initially chose Hyoyeon because she has a cute hairstyle here kekekeke. Check it out!

Sorry for the blurry images, I don't know what happened but every pictures of the step-by-step tutorial were like this :'(
  1. Apply primer all over your lids, upper and lower. So that your eye makeup will stay all day. I used Etude House Proof10 Eye Primer.
  2. Apply light pink shimmery eyeshadow all over your lid. I used Sin from the Naked Palette.
  3. Apply medium pinky brown eyeshadow on the outer V of your upper lid. I used Toasted from the Naked Palette.
  4. Tightline and line thinly your upper lashline, extending it following your natural eye shape, finishing with a little wing going upward at the end. 
  5. Line your lower lashline, starting from the inner corner to the end of your eyes. Extend the line, pointing downward. Leave a little gap in between the two lines.
  6. Highlight 3/4 of your lower lashline, below the line you just made, and your inner corners using light pinkish shimmery colour. I used Sin again from the Naked Palette.
  7. Curl your lashes, apply tons of mascara, put on a natural false lashes, preferably ones with criss-cross pattern. Do whatever you like! Oh~ I don't have any false lashes for my lower lash, so I skipped this step. If you have one, you should put them on :D and I basically have very little lower lashes so yeah...
  8. Don't forget to fill your brows. Conceal your dark circles, I used Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer in Medium Sand. You're done~
These are the steps to recreate Hyoyeon's look. For the lips, do a bright pink gradient lips. I used Tony Moly Tint in #1 Cherry Pink on the inner part of the lips and then finish with Clinique Long Last Glosswear in #14 Cabana Crush all over. Here is the final look. Somehow the gradient lips didn't turn out so well :p Oh well.

What do you think of the look? Did it suit me?
If you want me to recreate someone's look! Comment below~ I'll see if I can do it :p
See you on my next post!

In the end we decided to continue the collab, although only the 7 of us. Come check out the others!


  1. Henny PurwaningsihMarch 28, 2014 at 8:38 AM

    Imutt bangett siihhh *towelpipinyaa* hihihi

  2. Aw, really cute! The makeup is spot on! Loved this, great job! ^___^

  3. Cantik bangettttt *0*
    kulitnya itu bagus banget ^_^

  4. Aww you look so pretty Bella! ♥
    This hair style really suits you, it makes you look really young and cute hehe~
    And the makeup is really simple but they make your eyes pop alot!!!!


  5. Cantiik, lama kenal Bella

  6. bella cantik banget <3

  7. The look looks great on you! And you chose my favourite SNSD member to re-create a look from so I love it even more! :)

  8. ahaha sooo cute bella!!!~
    the makeup is pretty and that hairstyle is just adorableeeeeee XD
    xxox Charmaineee || SNSD Taeyeon Mr.Mr. Makeup Tutorial [Click!~]

  9. Akhirnya dilanjutttt walaupun cuma ber7 hahahaha.
    Sorry for late reply! Eyebrow nya pake Viva :D

  10. Aaaa thank you :) Ga bagussss kokk itu tipuan kamera dan lighting aja >.<

  11. Awww thank you Fifi~ You're so sweet :) Hahaha I do agree that this hairstyle makes me look really young though! kekekee :p

  12. Heyyyy thank you! :) Glad that you liked it ♥

  13. Hahahaha Thank you Charmainee! :D <3

  14. SOOO cute!!~~ I love the eye makeup I wanna try this!

  15. Thank you! Glad that you liked the look~ :D Try it! Don't forget to post your final look here or tag me somewhere because I would loveeee to see it ♥

  16. step-by-step pic nya nggak keliatan blurry nya kok menurutku, bagus! :)
    suka hairstyle nyaa. kamu imut banget :3

  17. so pretty!! what lenses are you wearing here?