Top Favourite Blogs at the Moment

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing with you a few of my favourite blogs. I have actually a few others that I don't mention on this post but these 4 are my most most most favourites. I follow these blogs on GFC, Bloglovin, and/or Pinterest just so that I wouldn't miss any post. When I don't see them updating, I would go directly to their websites and check myself because I am that addicted! :D I'm sure you guys would love to know these blogs and maybe will love them as much as I do~ So, here they are!

The blog consists of mainly eye makeup and hair tutorials. I am so loving thebeautydepartment because they always upload the most easy-to-follow tutorials. The tutorials always use high quality images and are very very clear. No or less words even need to be written to explain because the images themselves explain everything. They also blog a few beauty tips and tricks which are really helpful. I suggest you go and check on the blog now because I'm sure you won't regret. If you happen to have Pinterest, I'm sure you have seen a lot of their tutorials :D Aren't they amazing?


Abeautifulmess is more into home decor, DIYs, recipes, and occasionally fashion! Their home decor and DIYs, written by Elsie, are my main interests in the blog! I love how they always provide step-by-step high quality images that are really easy to follow. The quality of pictures on abeautifulmess are extremely good, they are really bright and really interesting! I can never stop staring whenever they post a new blog post. I love looking at the recipes too, written by Emma, because they just look really appealing, they never fail to make me hungry. I have never try and cook one for myself but I might try to cook something someday and I'm sure abeautifulmess will be the first I go to look for recipes.


Mywomenstuff is a blog full of makeup and beauty reviews, from budget to high-end products. The blog also includes many many discussions, as well as tips and tricks. The one thing that I love so much from mywomenstuff is how Paris B, the author, always provide reviews with super detailed swatches. She always post review of products with swatches on hand, how it looks like applied, as well as full face shots to show how the products actually looks like on her. Amazing reviews. Another thing that I love so much about her blog is how she always post blogging tips, not only one or two but hundreds of them! She is not afraid to share, this is one point that I love so much from her~ I have learnt a lot from those tips and is waiting patiently for more! :D


Last but not least, my most favourite Indonesian blog. My-lovely-sister is a beauty blog by two sisters called Ai Ni and Eve. You can find many beauty reviews and makeup tutorials on the blog. The reason why I love my-lovely-sister is because of the super pretty pictures they took! They always look so vintage but yet very clear, just really pretty! My most favourite part of the blog is the Thursday's tips. They always post useful and interesting tips every Thursday, a post that I always look into, be it about makeup, skincare, hair, diy, or photography. If you do not understand Indonesian, you can always use the translate widget on the sidebar! :D


I hope that this post is useful and interesting. I know it's different from what I usually post but I think there's nothing wrong in sharing some love, because these blogs are superb and I am sure you would love these blogs as much as I do.

Have you known these blogs before? Any blog that you really love to recommend?
Leave their links below! I am sure knowing a few more amazing blogs won't hurt :D♥


  1. Ugh, I love going on A Beautiful Mess for their photography tips! THE PROS MAN, THE PROS *-*

  2. YES OMG THE PROS! I love love love seeing their photographs. Every each of them~ ;__;

  3. Hi Bella, thank you so much for featuring me and my blog! :D I'm so happy that you've enjoyed your visits and that you're enjoying the blogging tips too. Hope to see you around and all the best with your blogging journey :)

  4. Hey Paris!! Thank you so much for visiting the blog~ It's a pleasure to feature your blog! I love it so much and I think everyone deserves to know :) Thank you! ♥

  5. Thank you so much Bella XD XD Kita jg suka banget sama blogmu.
    Design blognya simple minimalis dan keren.
    Kesannya waktu berkunjung ke blog mu seperti ke 'butik-butik' mewah yang mahal.
    Logonya yang di header juga wawww cakep banget dan menarik perhatian.
    Sekali buka halaman web page blogmu rasanya langsung seneng ngeliat logonya XD

    Terus fotomu di kanan atas itu sama style blogmu match banget. Sama-sama keren dan mewahnya.
    Waktu pertama kali liat fotonya (karena belum pernah ktmu orangnya) 'ya ampun nih cewek anggun banget'!!!

    Selain itu isi tutorial dan foto-foto di blognya juga bersih dan enak diliat.
    Pengen diliat mulu rasanya :P

    Apalagi waktu liat blog kita termasuk jadi salah 1 blog favoritmu.
    Awww apa nggak salah? (*´∀`*)
    Cewek cantik dan elegant yang punya blog keren suka blog kita LOL :P:P

    Jadi malu curhat panjang lebar di sini hehe.

  6. Ahhhhh hebattt kaliann bisa ketemu blog aku dan komen :D
    Makasiiiii yaaaaa. Seneng dengernya hehe~
    Aslinya juga aku ga sekeren di foto kok wkwkwkwkwk, efek angle aja :p
    Pengen bangett ketemu kalian!

    Thank you yaaaa for visiting! ♥