Review: Clean&Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser

Hi everyone!! I'm sorry for being M.I.A. for more than a week. I've been kinda lazy busy this week so, I haven't really got the time to update you guys. Today I am back with another review~ It's a cleanser from Johnson & Johnson, the Clean&Clear Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser.

Product Description (taken from
Deep Action Daily Pore Cleanser is a unique formula that works deep down to help remove blackheads every time you wash. Effective micro-scrubbing beads break down trapped oil, dirt and dead skin. The apple fruit acid formula penetrates deep into pores to soften stubborn blackheads at the core and prevent new ones from forming. Its gentle exfoliating action will leave your skin beautifully smooth and clear.

Net weight: 100g

The main reason I was interested to try this cleanser was because I noticed that my pores were clogged. Reading product description of this cleanser totally got my attention. Ya iyalah bikin ngiler banget ga sih kulit bebas komedo. Another reason is that this cleanser has salicydic acid in it, ingredient famous for reducing acnes and pimples.

This cleanser comes in a tube form. Tube form is always great for cleansing product as it is hygienic and it is easy to control the amount dispensed each time. It has a gel-like consistency, feels really light but not too runny with micro-scrubs. Yes! They are micro and they are green! There are quite an amount of scrubs inside so you can definitely feel it when you wash your face. It lathers very lightly and has a subtle apple scent, feels super refreshing especially for nighttime wash.

Can you see it? I'm sorry I'm horrible at macro shots. I took 10 pictures and they were all blurry so apparently this is the best shot.

I find that the micro-scrubs really help in removing dirt from the pores and reducing blackheads. It's not highly effective though as it is only temporary. I do not see that my blackheads are reducing after a few times usage. This cleanser does cleanse the pores quite well but I'm certain it does not "prevent new ones from forming". 

I find it great too when I am breaking out a lot. The scrubs does feel a little too harsh on my skin and a little drying but not really a concern as long as I apply moisturizer right afterwards. My skin would feel soft after cleansing because of the micro-scrubs which exfoliate the skin. However, I would not recommend this if you have sensitive skin as you might find the micro-scrubs to be too much.

Cleansing power:

Not so great. I'm not so sure if you can see it but I still see some leftovers from the eyeliners and mascara even though I took quite a while scrubbing. Would work just fine though if you only use very light makeup. 

Overall, I think this is a great cleanser, especially if you have oily skin and are looking for something with scrubs. I hope that helps if you have been curious about this product.

Do you know any product that is effective in reducing blackheads? Please let me know in the comments because I would love to know!


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  1. i just finished my tube! it has a ~heavenly~ scent i have to admit. this is a no to me bc it doesnt foams as much and i dont feel like it really cleanses my very oily skin :c well i managed to finish the tube so i guess it's still an ok face wash i just wont repurchase it

  2. buat blackhead pake skinfood black sugar mask lumayan bagus bel ^^

  3. Yeah, I have to agree it doesn't foam really well. It barely lathers so this was a disappointment. Awwww too bad it doesn't work for you. Do you have any recommendation for blackheads?

    and oh hey! You should check your gmail :D

  4. Oh ya? belom pernah nyoba sih. Banyak yang review bagusss tapi aku takut scrub nya terlalu harsh for my skin. Soalnya rada gede-gede dan kasar kan ya? I've been thinking to try though. Thank you for the recommendation! :D

  5. i checked my email and omg thank you!! i caaant belive this ;__; i read it and idk where is it now the email is gone (im not very familiar with gmail and i clicked random button) could you please tell me your email? i will email you back c:

  6. I never heard about this brand before but I think the green micro particles in the cleanser look adorable lol xD I think the cleansing is a bit meeh and it doesn't foam that much neither :< The only thing that helped against blackheads are these strips you ca out on your nose, I've never seen something that doesn't plug them out and does really help ><

  7. Tehee they are adorable :p Yeah I agree too~ It doesn't even remove the eyeliners which could be removed easily by other cleansing foam. Hahaha I guess I have to go back using those strips. I am not a fan because my nose seems to be sensitive to those strips. I usually end up getting pimples on my nose after using these blackheads strips :'( OHGODWHY