Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Hydro Nude Gel Mask

One can never say enough to face masks, right? I finally found one that fits my face like a glove, and stays perfectly well until the end of the 20-minutes mask time. Let's be honest, don't we all just hate oversized masks, those that does not even fit at all, with eyes and mouth holes all over your face and those that go over your hairline. It might not be a problem to some of you, but it annoys me, so freaking much, if masks do not fit.

A premium mask that nourishes while brightening skin tone.

Claims to brighten, clear, and promote lively skin, The Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Hydro Nude Gel Mask is definitely a new favorite. I am in love with the hydrogel material. Remember when I reviewed another mask with hydrogel material, the SNP Bird's Nest Aqua Eye Patch? I loved the texture of the mask so much, such a pity that it didn't work on me. So, I was super happy trying this one with similar hydrogel material, with so much better formula that does not irritate my skin.

Hydrogel material is different than your regular cotton mask sheet. It feels almost like coconut flesh, transparent and jelly-like, with very little serum/essence on it. The hydrogel mask will get thinner and drier over time on your face, as the good stuffs in it get absorbed onto your skin.

This mask comes in two parts inside each packet. One for the upper part of your face, and another one for the lower part of your face. I do think masks are a lot better when they come in 2 pieces part so we could adjust it well on the face, despite the different sizes of face we all have. 

This mask has a cooling sensation when used, even without being stored in the fridge, such a soothing and calming little something to use by the end of a long tiring day. I love it so much that I am even almost done with the whole box, 7 out of 10 masks, already. I am even thinking of using it again now, as I am writing this blog post.

It also has a special patented embossed texture to it, called the hydro embo gel, on one side. The curves of this pattern claims to maximize the 'hugging' function of the mask so that the essence could penetrate onto the skin more effectively. I believe that the material really does help so that it is a lot easier to move around with this mask on, and there is seriously no need to lie down while using the mask. You can dance, jump around, do whatever crazy moves you have in mind and it will stay in place.

Okay, how many times have I said this in this post but I am completely in love with it. It brightens my overall complexion and moisturizes my skin. I can definitely feel my skin gets a lot more radiant, so supple and bouncy afterwards. The best part of all is that it doesn't leave any sticky/greasy feeling afterwards, just bright healthy skin.

Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Hydro Nude Gel Mask retails for

Have you ever tried hydrogel mask before? What do you think?
If you have any recommendation to me, let me know! because I would love to try the others.

*Product was sent to me for review purposes. However review is purely my 100% honest opinion.
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  1. This sounds better suited for my skin, aswell. The Mediheal PDF A.C- Defense Hydro Gel Mask I tried was a bit too drying. But I'm in love with hydrogel masks now, too :D it sits so much better on the face than the usual cotton sheet masks.

  2. the mask looks really good and interesting =)

  3. I think I've never once worn a mask that really fit my face LOL.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  4. RIGHT? I am addicted to hydrogel masks, they are super amazing. Love the cooling effect so much! Aww because yours was meant for more oily skin, eh? Maybe you should give this one a try then :D

  5. Me neither before I tried this one!
    I'm even amazed by how well these fit my face so well. You're welcome :D