Tips & Tricks: For Fine Straight Thin Hair

Do you have fine straight thin hair? and you find that styling your hair is a pain in the ass because your hair is simply lifeless and flat? Does nothing seems to work the way you want it to be? I feel the same way too until I started to discover ways that really works to help in styling my hair, 2 months ago. I am writing this so that you can know how to too! Hope you find the post helpful! :)

Oh, just to show you, this is how my hair used to be.

and here are a few images of how I recently style my hair, just for reference!

Never ever put conditioner on your roots.
It is important to only condition from the mid to the ends of your hair. Conditioning the roots would only weight your hair down. I would prefer to not put any conditioner at all and to just use a small amount of leave on conditioner afterwards. As they are more lightweight and doesn't weigh down the hair as much as rinse-out conditioner. However, if you have tangled hair and you feel that conditioning your hair is a must, then I would suggest to condition your hair before shampooing, it helps!

Blow dry your hair the right way.
Blow dry the roots with your hair upside down or pull few strands at a time and blow dry each section of hair towards the opposite of the natural hair direction. For example if you have hair side parted to your left then you should blow dry the roots to your right. That way your roots will have more volume and will look fuller once you are done with blow drying.

Air dry them while changing your parting.
This is one quick and easy method that has helped so much in adding volume to my flat hair. All you have to do is to part your hair differently than how you usually do it and wait for it to dry naturally. This gives the crown a temporary lift, great for those with flat and thin hair. This method works only for those who side part their hair though, I'm not sure if it will work if you usually part your hair in the middle. Also, I find that changing my parting every now and then has helped in giving more volume to the roots.

Change your hairstyle.
I have never believed that changing hairstyle would actually help me get my hair more volume. Well, I have to admit, it really does! Always stay away from layers. This is one thing that I know for sure after I changed my hairstyle a few months ago. If you already have thin hair, the least you want to do is to make it look even thinner. Keep in mind that less layers will make your hair appears fuller and therefore thicker. Try cutting them blunt. You'll know what I mean. Shorter hair also means fuller hair, as there will be less weight, creating more volume on the roots. A tip from me is to keep your hair above your breasts, or above your shoulder for an even fuller hair. Below are some image example of what I think will suit people with fine straight thin hair best.

Curl your hair.
Now, this is the most important one. Curling the hair would make a huge difference to anyone with straight thin hair. Either curling wand or just a regular straightener would work really well in giving your hair more volume. Just always remember to curl each section in opposite directions for more volume and body.

Try several different products.

Styling mousse - I found that this step has helped me the most to add more volume and body to the roots. Dispense a small amount to your hands and work it through your wet hair, concentrating on the roots. Blow dry you hair upside down. You can always add up more mousse to your hair until you get the desired volume and fullness.

Hairspray - I have super straight hair naturally and hairspray could help a lot in giving my hair an instant lift. Opt for those with volumizing properties and spray all over your hair after blow-drying, focusing more on the roots to get a lifted hair.

Wax - If you have extremely straight thin hair like mine and no curls have lasted you for more than an hour, then I might know what could work on you. Hairspray just doesn't work on me despite how it has 'hard' or 'maximum hold' printed on. I almost gave up until I recently discovered that wax can actually hold my curls all day without leaving the hair feeling so crisp. I like to take a coin sized product and work it on the palm of my hand, and then scrunch my hair with my hands for a more messy natural curls. Voila! The curls will then stay on my hair all day, or even two days if I don't wash my hair on the next day. I'm currently loving Kao Liese Clear Cube Wax 05. I just have to mention it as it is amazinggggg and is now my holy grail hair product! :)

Oh! Here are a few products that I know can help!

What do you think of the tips and tricks? Do you find this post helpful?


  1. This post was very helpful Bella! Although I don't have fine hair, I have thick, straight hair that gets weighed down by all the weight of my hair. Parting your hairline to the side really works. When I was younger I parted my hair in the middle and my hair was always flat! My mum actually suggested that I part my hair to the side and ever since that day I've never turned back, ahaha. Putting curls in your hair also really works, I like using the 38mm barrel to create big loose curls! Love the blog post!

  2. thank you so much for your tips! i have the same kind of hair as you and it's always so flat :C

  3. Yay to side parting! I agree that side parting do really make a difference. I love curling my hair too! Omg I've been wanting to buy a curler with bigger barrel, I think it will help in creating an amazing loose curls I've ever wanted. Thank you for visiting~ :)

  4. I know. I sometimes envy those with naturally fluffy hair :(

  5. ooh, thank you for the lovely advice! i'm always really fussy about my hair so i'll try some of these tips and see if it will help my hair

    i nominated you for a liester award ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ