Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash

Hello everyone! It's time for another product review. It's Skinlife Sabun Penghilang Jerawat, foaming facial wash special for acne.

My main skin concern is actually dry and dull skin but then last month, I suddenly started getting lots of pimples and zits, me myself don't even know why. I was hesitant when I first got offered to try this product because usually acne foaming facial wash works on your face by removing all the oils and therefore kinda drying. But then, I thought I should just try it out because we never know what works until we try it, right?

It comes in a pump plastic bottle. I have to say that the size is huge! It contains 200ml of product and will last you forever. I've been using this product everyday for about three weeks by now and it's barely lighter compared to when I first got it. It comes with a transparent plastic seal (not so sure what it's called), a little transparent thing to be placed in between the pump to prevent the product from getting pressed. Would come in handy for travelling, even though I don't think I would bring it with me be due to its size.

I need about 2 - 3 pumps for the foam to fully cover my face. I am super loving the foam it creates, just super fluffy and soft. I was kinda shocked when I first tried it because it feels really gentle on the skin, doesn't dry my skin at all but yet leaves a super clean feeling to the skin. ME LIKEYYY! Especially the smell of this product. It just smells really lovely. If you have any problem with fragrances in your skincare product, then you might want to stay away. But if you don't, then you should definitely try this one! This foaming facial wash claims to clean and minimize excessive oil production, diminish acne scars and blemishes and thus result in brighter and radiant face. Below, I did a little comparison of both my troublesome cheeks before and after 2 weeks of usage.

These photos were taken under similar lighting condition and taken with flash to show details better. The after pictures on my right cheek look a little blurry but then it was just a minor difference, right?

Can you see it? My acne on my right cheek definitely got way better and all of my acne scars got slightly lighter in color, the change was way more visible in real life as I can definitely see that my acne scars are no longer that bad and I only need a light layer of BB cream to cover them. My acne scars usually don't get reduced this fast but thanks to Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash, they diminished way faster. I am sure that my Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator did take part in reducing my acne scars but then this cleanser surely did help in some way.

Also, I am not so sure if you do notice, but I have these tiny acne-like dots all over my cheeks. I don't really know what they are and they were getting fatter and fatter each day that I have really bad uneven skin texture. They look horrible and I was just so scared. But, thankfully they are slowly diminishing and are less visible today. I am seriously in love with this cleanser that I will definitely repurchase when I am done with it!

You can easily get Skinlife Foaming Facial Wash at your nearest Guardian store (Indonesian) or you can purchase this online here on for only IDR 64,000. I am not so sure where you can get if you live elsewhere but you can check with your nearest drugstore.

Hopefully the review helped you in choosing and deciding.
Thank you so much for reading, loves. See you on my next post! ♥

note: the product was sent to me for review purposes.
however my opinions are always 100% honest.

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  1. Ohh my this Facial Wash cleans out your pores amazingly! ^ ^