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Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Can you spot the gorgeous and long but natural-looking lashes I have? It was always my number one wish to own longer voluminious lashes, and it finally came true! I had an amazing chance to try Eyelash Extension at Tokyo Belle, thank you Kawaii Beauty Japan for the opportunity. It was seriously the best beauty treatment I have ever tried in my entire life. Gonna cherish this moment forever and definitely will be coming back soon for more!

I am pretty sure you guys are all familiar with the term 'eyelash extension', am I right? It is basically a beauty treatment done to extend the eyelashes with artificial lashes using special glue that usually lasted around 3 weeks. Last sunday, I went and visited Tokyo Belle to have my very first eyelash extension experience. I was very excited and scared at the same time because I have seen gorgeous result from eyelash extension and of course also a number of bad eyelash extension services all over the internet. I finally sucked it up and surrender my precious non-existent lashes to Tokyo Belle.

Pretty sure you are all super curious to see the result. So, here let me show you how gorgeous it was.

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Amazing, isn't it? I was literally dropping my jaw when I edited these pictures for the blog. I always knew that my eyelashes are short and sparse but nothing like thisssss. WHY SO SAD-LOOKING?! Okay, see that amazing result? Now let me share about Tokyo Belle before I brag on these precious eyelash extension. It's gonna be a long post, because I just need to take billion pictures of these lashes before it's gone. Let's continue.

I chose the closest one to my house, the Pacific Place outlet to have my eyelash extension done. The atmosphere in this one was really nice, it was bright, clean and really calming. Although, It was a little small, with only 3 treatment rooms, one for Eyelash Extension, one for IPL Hair Revomal, and another one supposedly for Slimming Treatment; it was comfortable.

When I came there, 2 of the staffs were there to assist me for registration and it was Oliv, the beautician who did my eyelash extension. Here is the room for eyelash extension.

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Even though it didn't look like much but the bed was extremely comfortable as you lie down. I was trying my best not to fell asleep, no reason though, just trying to stay awake as the eyelash extension was done. I failed though, I completely fell asleep after 15 minutes :P

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

The bottom part of my eyes were taped to prevent the glue from getting all over my eyes during the treatment. Then all I had to do was close my eyes for roughly one and a half hour and it was all done.

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Check out how my eyelashes look like when it is only half way done. Excitement. See how different my right and left lashes are! and oh by the way, there were four different types of style you can choose (natural, sexy, cute, and gorgeous), mine was natural style with C curl & 0.15mm thickness with only 10mm length.

Sorry for the lack of pictures and details during the treatment. I was all alone and so all I can do was shoot aimlessly, with my eyes closed, hoping that my face or the eyelashes was at least captured. Okay, so let's get onto the fun part! The result detailssss .. Tadaaaa!

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

Yes. My beautiful lashes. I'm beyond satisfied with the result! It looks really natural, super gorgeous, and most importantly as light as feather. Of course if you never use false lashes before, you can feel something is there on your lashes, like when you use mascara for the first time ever. But it definitely doesn't feel heavy at all.

Of course selfies are a must to show the overall look, right?

Tokyo Belle Eyelash Extension

It is been 4 days since the treatment was done but I don't think any of the lashes has shed. A good thing, right? I'm not so sure about how long these will stay on me but I will definitely keep you guys updated every week to show how the lashes look like over time. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter for that! I will also update this blog post eventually because I have not seen any bloggers showing how the eyelash extension from Tokyo Belle look like after a few weeks.

Eyelash Extension at Tokyo Belle will cost you around IDR 1.000.000 - 1.200.000,- depending on the style (full price list of their services here). I do agree that it is a bit pricey, but they usually have a lot of promotion and discounts every month so be sure to check on their Facebook / Twitter. They are currently having a 20% off discount on Eyelash Extension this month.

Thank you Tokyo Belle and Kawaii Beauty Japan for the opportunity to try Eyelash Extension. I am definitely coming back to try the other styles, especially when I am leaving for long vacation abroad since it is a lot easier to have these extension instead of having to wake up early every day for makeup.

--- UPDATES ---

After exactly a week: A few of the eyelash extension has shed, quite a lot I would say as you can definitely tell that there are some empty spaces in between the lashes. I think it is still acceptable though because it still looks pretty.

The ones on my right eye are definitely going cray cay, and I know exactly why. I am a side sleeper meaning that I sleep not on my back but on my sides, mainly on my right side. I tried hard to stay on my back while sleeping because I knew it was going to ruin the eyelash extension somehow but going through the first 3 days wasn't easy as I kept going back to sleep on my sides unintentionally.

No worries though because once I maintained a better sleeping position, the lashes went back to its original state after a few days, although because of that, a few lashes on the outer corner of my right eye are gone. So, sleep on you back while having eyelash extension! Lesson learned.

A comparison picture on before, after, and a week after the treatment. See what I mean by the empty spaces in between the lashes? Such a pity because I was hoping that the lashes would be a little more long-lasting since It is quite expensive.

I can also see that a few of my real eyelashes, probably 4-5 strands, have shed together with the eyelash extension and then I started to regret my decision.  I keep thinking that I should have chosen the 0.1mm thickness instead of 0.15mm since my natural eyelashes aren't that thick so probably they are shedding because they are not strong enough to support the heavy eyelash extension.

Oh well, let's just pray that by the end of all these, I still have my real eyelashes in tact. I have so little to start with, I don't wanna end up having no eyelashes, okay?! I can't really tell for sure now since most of the eyelash extension are still attached.

I will keep you guys updated again after another week.

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