Cold Press Vitality Detox Program

Not so long ago, I tried Cold Press Skin Glow & Weight Maintenance Detox Program and I loved it! I lost 2kg right after the detox, which is usually impossible even with strict diet. I tried another program last month, the Cold Press Vitality Detox. I explained all about Cold Press and what Detox is in my last post, so check that out if you are wondering how juices and detox work!

Cold Press has a few detox program to cater your different needs and preferences:
Always Active & Busy? // Power Cleanse
Having trouble maintaining your weight & skin? // Skin Glow & Weight Maintenance
For those of you who wants a "real" detox experience! // Classic
Worried about aging? // Anti-aging
You feel drained and tired lately? // Vitality

Just exactly what I was feeling. I've been somehow feeling very tired and restless lately, and Cold Press Vitality Detox Program was just the boost that I needed!

The 6 bottles this time are so yummmm, so fruity and fresh. I am serious. This is different from the Skin Glow & Weight Maintenance Detox I did last time. I love all 6 of them, and I definitely recommend you to take this program if you are a juice detox newbie and hate vegetables

01 // Lean Green      
It’s an all powerful cleansing juice! 
Ingredients: Pear, Orange, Cucumber, Lettuce, Kale, Spinach 

02 // Refresh
A Refreshed Mind is a Refresh Body!
Ingredients: Watermelon, Pineapple, Mint

03 // Nutty Nuts
Eat Real Healthy Fats to Burn Fats!
Ingredients: Filtered Water, Almond, Walnut

04 // Cocoberry   
A charge of electrolytes to hydrate
Ingredients: Coconut, Blueberry, Pear

05 // Hawaiian Breeze       
Let's breeze off cancer!
Ingredients: Pineapple, Apple, Cucumber, Naval Orange, Starfruit, Mint, Lemon

06 // Citrus Burst      
Citrus Burst for immunity!
Ingredients: Cucumber, Pear, Starfruit, Apple, Grapefruit, Mint

Don't they all sound so gewd? They tastes pretty much just like how the ingredients listed. Cold Press is a pro when it comes to mixing and combining them, they all tastes good, with the perfect balance of goodness and yumminess. You can taste the real sweetness and freshness from all the fruits. No Preservatives, No Additives, No Colorings, No Concentrate, No Added Water, No Added Sugar.

My favorite from the 6 bottles? It's really hard to pick! They are all yummmmmm, but if I have to point it out, Hawaiian Breeze is the one! Nutty Nuts is also super yummm, it tastes just like soya milk. 

It was a shame though because turned out I had a lot of things to do out of the house and so I had to skipped a day on my 2nd day of detox. Instead of being burdened to bring all 6 bottles with me during the day, I decided to have these bottles as a substitute of meals (particularly morning and night). I had to say it was gewd! It fills me up and I get all the vitamins and nutrients. I also did lose 1kg from the 1 day detox I did and I stay around those weight until today, still couldn't believe it myself though. Did I really have that much to be cleansed out of the body?! Hahaha ... Read more about Cold Press.

The one thing that I notice immediately was that I feel more energized and less tired every morning. As a result, I got way more productive, inspired, and active during the day. I guess vitamins from fruits are really good for the body! Since then, I have been munching on fruits a lot more than before. Thanks to the program, I get inspired and motivated to consume more healthy goods everyday. I am officially addicted to fruits and detox juices. 

Have you ever tried juice detox? Did you feel any different afterwards? 


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