ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick and Delicate Blush Review + Swatches

I have a few gorgeous products that I’ll be reviewing today, and they are currently in my go-to stash of makeup, ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick and Delicate Blush. I wasn't expecting much when I received these products since usually most blushes crack and feel dry on my skin while lipsticks, are just not really my cup of tea. Well, I was wrong. ULTIMA II is now on my list of brands that I need to check out regularly, yep they are that good..


Delivers a luxuriously rich and vibrant color while pampering and hydrating lips.

Comes in 15 bright, stylish shades, the ULTIMA II Delicate Lipsticks provides instant color lay down that is buildable from medium to full. Enriched with Vitamins C & E, high shine polymers as well as silk enriched mega moisturizers, it hydrates the lips while giving soft, creamy, and smooth application. It claims to make lips look perfectly defined with the richest color and silky smooth feel that will result in more luxurious and even application than ever.

Pigmentation is superb! It glides very smoothly on the lips and provides bright and vibrant color. You don’t really need much to cover your natural lip color, one swipe is all you need. You can dab it on lightly for a gradient and more natural finish, or build it up for fuller lips. I have 4 out of the 15 shades: Apricot, Ruby, Fuchsia, and Plum. Apricot and Plum are my favorite, they both look really pretty! 

Apricot is nude brown shade with orange undertone to it. Ruby is a vibrant pink red shade that gives cheerful girly feel. Fuchsia is a hot pink shade with cooler undertone. Plum, my favorite, is a dark pink lipstick with a hint of purple. Below are how Apricot and Plum looked on my face.

I am definitely intrigued to try the other shades, especially Rose, Pink, and Mauve. You can see the other available shades on their website or any offline/online stores (I will list all of them down below). 


Ultra-soft, silky powder blush adds a natural flush of color to your cheeks.

ULTIMA II Delicate Blush comes in two different finish, Shine with 7 shades and Matte with 5 shades. They provide a natural flush of color with a soft satin finish that enhances cheekbones instantly. The color is subtle yet very buildable so you can adjust it to your liking whether to go with subtle or rich color. It is really easy to blend and has a lightweight silky feel.

Satin provides glow and radiant to the skin, as if it is glowing from within. While Matte gives a really subtle finish and ultra-soft feeling to the skin. I have 4 shades, 2 from the Shine shades (Sahara Rose & Baked Coral) and 2 from the Matte shades (Nude & Hot Pink). Each of the blush comes with a mirror and fluffy brush inside.

Shine blushes are packed with fine glitters and are more pigmented than the Matte blushes. Baked Coral can look peachy or orangey, depending on the lighting. Nude somehow contains specks of fine glitters, so it’s not entirely matte. Perfect for that sun-kissed look which you can use as either blusher or bronzer. Hot Pink, is truly matte and has a really soft subtle color.

My favorite has got to be Hot Pink, but all of them are really pretty! Even though the swatches look a little intimidating, in real life, they blend easily and surprisingly give a healthy and natural flushed look to the cheeks.

Using Nude to add slight contour to cheekbones

Baked Coral on the cheeks

You can pair different blushes with different lipstick to achieve different makeup look.

Pairing Hot Pink on the cheeks and Ruby on the lips for a pink & girly look

Pairing Sahara Rose on the highest part of the cheeks and Gradient lips using Plum to achieve cute kawaii look.

Hot Pink subtly on the cheeks and Plum on the lips for fresh and radiant look. 

ULTIMA II Delicate Lipstick and Blush are available at: Matahari Dept Store, AEON, METRO Dept Store, Centro, Keris Gallery Puri Indah, Citrus, Cahaya Bintaro, Sogo Kota Kasablanka, Sarinah Thamrin, Debenhams Senayan City, Star Summarecon Bekasi. Online: Blibli.com

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