Affordable Brushes Set & Acrylic Holder

I just got these affordable brushes & acrylic holder not too long ago. Just few new things to fill up my already messy table. I have been eyeing on acrylic brush holder for so long now because I need them to motivate me to clean my brushes more often! and, ugh! So glad that I finally did get it because life is so much easier nowwwwwwwwwww.. oh well not really, just that weekly brush cleaning routine.

This Acrylic Holder comes in a white and black color and it's a three pieces acrylic thingy (one for the top and two for the legs) which you can assemble so it stands up or take them apart to store without taking much spaces. Major love! I love how I can easily store this anywhere.

Also, you get two colors in one. You can flip the top part and make either white or black shows on top so you can definitely change it up according to your mood and preferences 8D There are 26 holes in it so you can fit a lot at one time. If you want you can use them to store your brushes but me personally I use them when I wash my brushes. I love how I can wash my brushes in one go and dry them all upside down using this acrylic holder so the shape stays perfect!

The holes also comes in different sizes so small or big brushes don't matter!

I used to dry my brushes on a towel after I wash them but it takes a lot of space since I need to lay them down one by one. I feel that they take longer to dry too but with this, I am definitely motivated to clean my brushes more! Now I don't have to worry about getting my brushes crooked after I wash them just because I didn't dry them off properly.

Together with that, I also got a set of 10 brushes; with 5 big brushes and 5 small brushes.

Nothing too special. They are just so-so in my opinion. They are affordable though so they does make a good alternative. They come with black handles so they actually look pretty good despite the super cheap price!

The 5 small brushes are not that good and I am not even sure if they'll be used much but I do like the first brush there (most left on the small brushes group) It does an amazing job for smudging crayon/stick eyeshadow and I've been grabbing that quite a few times. The rest are just meh..

The 4 big brushes though, are pretty good! They are definitely good for beginners. The quality is pretty good for the price and they are perfect for contouring and blushes. The brushes are dense and they are soft. If I saw these somewhere sold individually, I wouldn't believe that they are actually only $20 a set!

A small disappointment however is that 2 of my big brushes came disintegrated into two pieces. Not much of a problem though since I think it's just the glue coming off and I can easily glue it back in place for them to be as good as new again. Overall they are good brushes to use for blushes and contouring, and can be a good alternative to more expensive individual brushes if you are a beginner and new to makeup. 


If you want to get them, here are the links to the product: 10 Brush Set & Acrylic Holder.
They ship worldwide for free so you don't have to worry about shipping cost and all, yay!
Also, I have a 10% off code: BELD10 you can use to buy anything from the website :D

What do you think? Ever purchased affordable brushes set from China like this?


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