Amaranth Messaline Ultra Hydrating Cream

Remember the last time I reviewed the Amaranth Ultra Hydrating Cream? I received this cream from BNTnews with a different packaging this time. I was definitely excited because I really liked this product. The question is, is this the same exact product as the one I reviewed before?

With almost identical packaging, I am not so sure if this one was actually an upgraded version or simply just a revise in packaging. After testing out for a few days now, I come to conclusion that the Amaranth Messaline Ultra Hydrating Cream is indeed the exact same product as the Amaranth Ultra Hydrating Cream. It applies the same, with the same texture and ingredients used.

Glad to say that I am actually happy that I received this again in this month's box. I love this product so much because it works amazing as a makeup primer as it contains silicone for silky smooth skin finish. With this, my foundation applies a lot smoother.

Especially with its super lightweight consistency and cooling sensation, I can definitely see this loved by many who lives in hot and humid country like Indonesia. This is, without doubt, my number one product I would reach out when travelling to the beach!

Do you have any moisturizer that works amazing as a primer too?


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