April Skin Review Part 2 - Magic Honey Tint & Magic Oil Tint

Continuing my last review on April Skin products, today I will be sharing my thoughts on Magic Honey Tint in three shades: Honey Red, Honey Pink, and Honey Orange & Magic Oil Tint in both shades: Scarlet and Orange. If you missed my last post, read my review on April Skin Magic Snow Cushion.


Even though April Skin is considered new in the market, their packaging is cool and sleek despite its affordable price! The box packaging is especially pretty with the matte black and glossy letter printing. I have this thing with packaging, and I just loveeee pretty packaging.

April Skin Magic Honey Tint comes in a pretty straight forward container, just like any other creamy tints out there. It's easy to differentiate between each of them too with the color on the packaging, which is always a plus! The wand has a straight but slightly slanted doe-foot applicator.


The texture is creamy and the color is super pigmented! A little goes a long way, to create a korean gradient lips you will only need three dots on the inner lips. All three shades goes on very vibrant, which instantly brightens skin tone and whole complexion.

It has a moisturizing formula too so your lips won't feel dry. I was at first quite hesitant because the orange contains fine glitters and the color is really bold. It is not that prominent in real life but you can definitely see it if you pay close attention. The moisturizing finish and fine glitters add volume to the lips.

Despite my worries on the Honey Orange shade, it is my favorite from the bunch. The color is pretty and it adds life to my complexion, brightens my skin tone, and gives a cheerful feeling to my whole look.

Top: Honey Orange // Bottom: Honey Pink

Not a fan of the glossy look? Easy! Just blot it with a layer of tissue on your lips to remove the shine. The result will be a really nice rosy lips just like me above wearing Honey Pink. I like to do this step when I want my eyes to be the focus not the lips :)


April Skin Magic Oil Tint comes in only 2 shades: Scarlet and Orange. The packaging is similar to the Honey Tint series, just shorter. One thing I actually really like from this Oil Tint, is the wand. It is unique, nothing I have ever seen before but it works! It has a curve so applying fully on your lips is easy and the result is even with just one swipe. But it also has a slightly slanted straight tip too so you can apply precisely too on lip lines. I love it.


Containing 7 types of oil, April Skin Magic Oil Tint combines the properties of lip balm, lip gloss, and lip tint. Glossy finish with Argan Oil to keep lips moist while adding a long lasting hint of color to your lips. For me, this is just perfect for those chapped-lips days! The oil tint instantly covers and blurs out the dry flaky skin on the lips.

Both colors are subtle, natural looking. They are less pigmented than the Magic Honey Tint but still leaves tint behind even when the gloss has gone. A good choice for daily. The color of the Orange is so pretty, I have been grabbing it a lot lately.

Top: Orange // Bottom two: Scarlet

Oh well, no matter how I try each time.. I think I look best with orange shades, especially orange lips. What do you think? I got them from @beautyglowing on Instagram. Check out part 1 for April Skin Magic Snow Cushion Review

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